Paddle Name: The BADGER TAIL
Badger Category: Traditional Beavertail

Description: Newly designed in 2013, this paddle still has a deep and wide blade with lots of surface area to move large amounts of water while running deep enough to be an effective rudder.  The BADGER TAIL is also great for prying strokes.

Based on a traditional beavertail, this paddle is a time proven design and favourite. By redistributing the volume of the blade, we have created a smoother paddling experience.

With the bulk of the blade’s volume pulling in the deeper, more still waters - instead of higher up where the water is bubbling and gurgling from your stroke - the paddler's energy is conserved. The improved BadgerTail paddle now makes for a much more fluid stroke.

Specifications**: W5 3/4” X L27”
Paddle Sock: included
Wood Types: Cherry, Ash, Tulip - sometimes Walnut or other specialty woods are available.

**due to the nature of hand crafted work, these measurements are approximate and could differ as much as 1/4” or more.  The width is taken at the widest part of the paddle blade and the length is the measurement of the blade from it’s end to it’s neck.

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Paddle Sock included with this paddle!

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